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How to replace the filter in the waxing mask

How to replace the filter in the waxing mask

The waxing mask is important in all waxing cabins. It protects you from particles and steam that come from prepping skis, but requires you to change the filter regularly. Here's how.

Whatever mask you use, the same rule applies to everyone: You must change the filter on the waxing mask at least once a year. A good rule of thumb is to do this at the start of the season. If you are waxing skis regularly, you should add an extra filter change during the season.

Why do you need to change the filter in the mask? An old filter will drastically reduce the protection provided by the mask. It doesn't matter if you use the mask a lot or a little, as the filter is activated when it is removed from the packaging and comes into contact with air for the first time.

Follow these simple steps for replacing the filter:

Step 1: Find the right filter.

We have three different masks. The first one is called T42 Economy Mask and the compatible filter is T42-2F. The other mask is called T43 Racing Mask and the compatible filter is T42-2F. The last mask is called T41 Pro Mask and the compatible filter is T41-2F.

Step 2: Remove the old filter.

The old filter is not possible to reuse. Meaning you can throw it away.

Step 3: Insert the new filter.

Make sure you insert both the gas and particle filter. These can be applied together on the masks.

Step 4: Happy waxing.

You're now ready for a new season with a fully functional mask.

We recommend storing the mask and filter in a sealed bag or box and insert the mask between uses. This prolongs the life of the filters and avoids getting dust into the mask.

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