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KX35N Blue Extra Klister -8°C to 0°C, 55g

KX35N Blue Extra Klister -8°C to 0°C, 55g

Price: USD 24

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Unfortunately, this product is currently not available in the market. Please visit your local Swix retailer for more options.

New KX35N Blue Extra Klister with a temperature range 0°C to -8°C. It is a versatile klister, more tolerant to colder and fine-grained snow than the earlier version (KX35). KX35N is really hard and offers great durability. As a top layer klister it performs best on fine-grained snow from around the freezing point to colder temperatures. Also great as a middle layer klister on top of KX20 or KB20, covered with kickwax, or as a top layer with universal klister. Plast scraper is not included.
  • Blue Extra klister.
  • Temperature range +1°C to -6°C.
  • Particularly suitable for fine grained snow on the cold side of the freezing point
  • Can be used as a middle layer for kickwax or universal klister on top of KX20 or KB20