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Chapter 7: Essential maintenance tips for waxing irons

Chapter 7: Essential maintenance tips for waxing irons

Ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of your waxing iron requires proper maintenance.

To ensure optimal performance and extend the lifespan of your waxing iron, it's essential to properly maintain it. Here's a tip on how to care for your waxing iron.

  • Avoid leaving the iron at high temperatures when not in use. Adjust it to 120°C (248°F) or turn it off. This is especially crucial after waxing at high temperatures.
  • Always clean the iron with fiberlene paper after use to prevent small wax particles from accumulating and emitting fumes. Over time, these particles will adhere to the iron and cause it to turn black. If the plate becomes black, use fibertex to polish it.
  • If the base plate is scratched or heavily soiled, use fine sandpaper (grit 500) before polishing it with fibertex. Always follow the direction of the base plate's movement.
  • Avoid getting wax between the metal plate and the plastic top.
  • Keep the iron in an upright position when not in use to prevent overheating of the internal electronics.
  • Place the iron in a safe location where it won't fall to the ground. The new iron holder for T70-H2 is recommended.
  • Be cautious when using solvents, as they can damage the internal components.
  • Always hold the iron by the handle and never lift it by the cord.
  • Avoid bending the cable excessively, as it can lead to cable breakage over time.

Products recommended in this article

For World Cup technicians and other perfectionists, that demands the very best.

  • A 35 mm thick plate gives stable temperature and optimal control when applying ski waxes.
  • Temperature adjustment from 80°C to 200°C (176°F to 392°F).
  • Movement sensor inside the handle with an automatic temperature drops to 120 degrees after 15 minutes of inactivity when using 170 degrees or higher.
  • By movement, the temperature automatically returns to the last set temperature.
  • The temperature sensor is fixed close to the bottom to secure the correct temperature.
  • Angle on the heating plate of 7° facilitates optimal powder application and better distribution when melting the wax.
  • A clear view of the iron plate's back and the front makes it easy to work in both directions.
  • A width of 70 mm gives better control on cross-country skis.
  • Ergonomic handle.

T71A World Cup waxing iron

Waxing iron for professional racing.

  • It floats better when working with regular waxes on large bases.
  • Angled in front and back. Rounded corners for smooth application.
  • 50% textured in front.
  • A 25 mm thick plate gives stable temperature and optimal control when applying powder.
  • Temperature adjustment from 80°C to 180°C (176°F to 356°F).
  • Easy to set temperature with LED buttons.

A waxing iron for keen skiers.

  • A 12 mm plate gives optimal temperature stability.
  • Temperature range from 100°C to 170°C (112°F to 338°F).
  • A microprocessor controls the iron and has digital temperature regulation.
  • On the back, the heating plate has an angle to facilitate powder application.
  • In front, it is straight to control glide zone waxing and classic skis.

An economy digital iron for recreational skiers.

  • 18 mm thick plate for great heat distribution.
  • igital microprocessor that ensures very precise temperature control. The adjustment wheel controls the digital display. The operating temperature is from 80°C to 170°C (176°F to 338°F).