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How to brake on rollerskis

How to brake on rollerskis

Braking on roller skis isn't that difficult if you practice.

Braking on roller skis is something you should practice, and there's a couple of ways to brake.

The classical ploughing

Even on roller skis you can plough. Remember to have good distance between the front wheels when you start the ploughing movement. It's better to exaggerate and have really wide legs. Doing that you reduce the risk of the roller skis running into each other.

Tilt the roller skis inwards, getting as much wheel rubber towards the asphalt as possible. Press your heels and rear wheels down towards the center as much as you can.

Towing the rear leg behind you

This braking method is not something we recommend when you first starts roller skiing. If you're a beginner we recommend ploughing.

This method is for those who feel confident while roller skiing. You put on leg 45 degrees behind the front roller ski and tow the rear leg behind you.

Emergency braking

Before you hit the road we recommend that you try emergency braking. Emergency braking is done by simply going into the ditch, in a controlled manner.

Put one ski in front of the other and place your weight in between. Slight bend your knees. By doing so you get a low point of gravity and ensure good balance when you're going into the ditch.