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P5 XC 2-wax kit, V40,V60

P5 XC 2-wax kit, V40,V60

Price: USD 24

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Unfortunately, this product is currently not available in the market. Please visit your local Swix retailer for more options.

Unveiling our Waxing Pack for cross-country skis - your one-stop solution for exceptional ski grip. This all-encompassing pack is curated to provide everything you need for securing a remarkable grip under normal dry wax conditions. It's not merely a pack, it's your ticket to a superior skiing experience. This convenient bundle is designed for those ready to elevate their skiing exploits, offering a straightforward approach to achieving excellent grip on your cross-country skis.
  • Convenient pack
  • For normal dry wax conditions
  • For those who want a better skiing experience
  • Everything you need to achieve good grip