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What does the fluor ban mean for you?

What does the fluor ban mean for you?

The International Ski Federation (FIS) imposed a total fluor ban on all ski disciplines from the 2020/2021 season. What does the ban mean for you?

We know that the future is fluor free, which is why we were early to develop new fluor free products. The products had to deliver results as good as those of fluor containing products, and in several tests the new fluor free products performed better than the outdated fluor containing products.

FIS introduced a total ban on fluoro from the 20/21 season, and we support this ban.

Fluor ski wax has always been a product meant for the athletes

The ban means that all use of fluor based products will be illegal in FIS competitions from the ski season 2020/2021 and future seasons. This means everything from the World Cup to long-distance races such as the Vasaloppet and circuit races in Norway. But is this the end of fast skiing and a good grip? By no means.

Fluor was a competitive product that was first and foremost used by athletes at the highest level in cross-country skiing looking for small competitive edges. The use of fluor products was limited and it was not used for training, even by the very best. The Norwegian Ski Federation was an early adopter of a fluor ban for the younger categories, which was also a cost-limiting measure.

None of the kick wax or gliding products we sell contain fluorine

None of the products sold by us contain fluor. The range includes old classics as well as innovations. New products that have replaced those previously containing fluor are marked with a green snowflake and the words “Fluor free”, both on the label and on the website.

Older products that have never contained fluor, such as the classic V40 Blue Extra, are labelled with the mentioned snowflake on the website.

The blue iconic kick wax has never contained fluor.
Previously Marathon contained fluor. This product is now fluor free, and has the green label "Fluor free".

We have launched several new lines of glide wax products and several are also available as liquid glide spray, making it easy to apply . The Pure Maraton glide wax was one of the first products with such good test results that it immediately competed with the old fluor containing version when it was launched.

This is also a very useful glide wax as it is temperature independent, thus suitable for most conditions

Fluor free glide waxes have undergone rapid development. The safest way to ensure that all athletes have legal products under their skis is to develop fluor free products that outperform those containing it. Even at the World Cup level, fluor free products on selected skiers have won over fluor containing products in tests. That’s why we know that we’re on the right development track.
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