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Large guide: Fluor free ski wax

Large guide: Fluor free ski wax

We have stopped making and selling ski wax containing fluorine. What you need to know about the different fluor free ski waxes.

There’s no reason why anyone should have to use fluor products on their skis any more. This is a thing of the past.

Christian Gløgård, R&D Manager

Pro by Swix: A complete range of fluor free glide waxes for all skiers.

Your waxing case now includes fluor free glide waxes with names such as VP, HS, TS and Marathon. Here you will find an introduction to the different fluor free products.

PS - Performance Speed

The low price makes PS a popular choice when it comes to saturating and storing skis. For normal ski-touring, it is sufficient to use PS to improve the glide characteristics of the skis.

Performance Speed (PS)

HS - High Speed

HS is, as you can see in the picture above, ranked above PS on the scale of glide properties. HS is a popular choice for cross-country enthusiasts, recreational skiers and top skiers in training. For the normal competitive skier, it is sufficient to prepare the skis with High Speed.

The HS range is available in both a liquid and solid glide waxes. Liquid wax is the easiest way to ensure better glide.

Top Speed Black (TSB)

TSB - Top Speed Black

TSB, a solid glide wax that melts into the ski base, gives the best result for what we call "transformed snow", also known as "old snow". It is usually found at the end of a skiing season.

TSL - Top Speed Liquid

TSL, a liquid glide wax, is easy to use but still gives good results. TS Liquid has already been used in the World Cup, where it has beaten old fluor containing products in testing.

For best results, use TSL together with Roto Fleece.

TSP - Top Speed Powder

TSP, a powder, has also been used on skis iat the highest level of competition. TSP works excellently on new and fine snow.


Marathon has long been a popular choice for long ski trips. The black and white glide wax has become fluor free and comes as a powder.

Application with Roro Wool is a new trend in ski prepping, together with the use of Marathon in solid form.

Marathon is a fairly hard glide wax that requires high heat on the waxing iron to get it well into the ski base. That’s why we have launched the popular glide wax in powdered form. It simply makes it easier for you to heat into your skis.

Fluor free kick wax and klister

Most likely, as a hiker or recreational skier, you have always had fluorine-free grip under your skis. The popular V-series, which includes Blue Extra, has never contained fluor. Even so, World Cup ski races have been won using it.


The V-series is one of the most commonly used ski waxes in the world. Here you’ll find grip wax for all skiers. As mentioned, the V-series has never contained fluor.


VP is a new line of fluoro free grip wax for racing. This grip wax has quickly become a hit, and World Cup has already been held on the new grip wax with its characteristic black tin.

Fluor free klister

We gave never made any klister with fluor. Today’s products are therefore the same as they have always been, but some new klisters have been added to the line.

Nero comprises two new klisters for racing and training. KN33 Nero covers temperatures between +1 and -7 ℃, while KN44 Nero is used between -3 to +4 ℃. These are two klisters that can withstand drier conditions than traditional klister, which reduces the risk of ice and clumping while skiing.

Products for skin skis

Skin skis are not wax-free skis. The skins need cleaning and impregnation and the glide zone requires glide wax as on regular waxing skis.

We have what you need to maintain your skin skis. All products in this range are fluor free.

F4: Fluoro free glide wax for alpine skiing, snowboarding and ski touring

F4 product range is designed for those who like speed and excitement. These products make it easy to get a better glide when you’re on an alpine slope or snowboarding, whether it’s in an alpine ski resort or in the mountains.