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Facts and timeline of fluor in our ski wax

Facts and timeline of fluor in our ski wax

We've been developing ski wax for over 70 years. We were also the first one removing fluor from the ski wax.


1987Ski wax containing fluor was launched.
1995Recommendation of using mask and other security rules in ski wax guides was published.
2009The STAMI report showed too high levels of particles in the work environment for ski waxers and recommended measures was made to professional ski waxers.
2009Implemented direct suction from the work environment in our ski wax trailers and our ski waxers starts using masks.
2010We start testing our employees for concentration of fluor. We still test our employees regularly.
2009The Future Cera project starts, which the intention of phasing out C8.
2011We start selling masks to the mass market.
2012We start selling WAX VENT suction.
2013C8 is phased out from Low Fluor (LF) products. Labeling of Future Cera (C6) is introduced.
2016C8 is phased out from High Fluor (HF) products.
2017"How to wax safely" is introduced in Norway in collaboration with the Norwegian Ski Federation and Norwegian Institute of Public Health
201860% of all of our ski wax are now fluor free.
2018"Fluor free" labels on our ski wax is introduced.
2018New fluor free and C6 based liquid gliders is launched.
2019All new products follow the EU 2020 rules.
201970 % of all of our ski wax are now fluor free.
2019Roto brush with suction is launched.
2019Fluor free Marathon Ski Wax is launched.
2020We remove fluor free from all ski wax. None of the ski we produce, sell or market in our own sales channels does not contain any fluor or other toxic chemicals.
2020Pro by Swix is launched. A new product series with fluor free ski wax replacing the old Cera Nova system.

We have contributed and still contribute in important projects about research on flour free materials.