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Good gliding easily, without a waxing iron

Good gliding easily, without a waxing iron

Liquid glider is so easy: Spray on, wait 15 minutes and brush off.

Skiing is good for body, soul and mind, whether you’re exercising to get into better shape, entering a ski race or just enjoying nature. Whatever your reason for skiing, you can't avoid having to lubricate your skis.

But do you really know how easy it has become to get better skis? In this article, we’ll show you two ways to improve your skis' glide without having to use any kind of heat or waxing iron.

Liquid glider

Spray on, wait and brush off.

Our simplest liquid glide wax is called HS Liquid. It is quick to apply and anyone can get a good result with this product.

Liquid glide wax is a popular choice for hikers who are not interested in standing for hours in the waxing booth for good skis.

How and when to use roto wool?

Roto Wool is a fairly new product on the market, which allows you to apply hard glide waxes to your skis without having to use an iron. Our ski testers get very good results using Roto Wool.

Roto Wool gives you a thin film of wax on the skis, while at the same time bringing out the structure of your skis in a better way than we have seen before.

Product Developer in Swix, Jan Olav Bjørn Gjermundshaug.

What you need when applying glide wax with roto wool

He has tested Pro by Swix, a series of fluorine-free ski waxes, over several thousand kilometres in the past year.

We have seen through many tests that the correct application of fluorine-free ski wax has a greater impact on the end result than before. We started using Roto Wool last winter. Application has shown a very positive effect on all our hard glide waxes, says Jan Olav.

Glider which gives the best result with roto wool