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How to clean fluoros from skis and tools

How to clean fluoros from skis and tools

Learn how to become perfectly prepared for the fluoro-free era.

As we approach the 2023/2024 ski season, all FIS and IBU races will use new fluoro-free waxes. It's essential to prepare your skis to match the new standards.

The rule before any competition is clear: You cannot start any race with fluoros on your skis.

Working with the Norwegian National Team

Together with the Norwegian Ski Association (NSF) and the Norwegian Biathlon Association (NSSF), we've made a guide to help skiers and wax technicians switch to fluoro-free waxes. Following our guide closely will help you avoid using outdated fluoro waxes and prevent mixing up old and new products. Our guide is based on the latest knowledge and will be updated as technology and methods improve.

How to clean your skis for fluoro

Treat your skis with our I94 Pro Cleaner for the best results. Please note: Pro Cleaner is currently being produced and is expected to be on sale this fall.

You can do this process with our I84 Glide wax cleaner instead, but together with the National team, we have seen better results with the new Pro Cleaner.

Note: The brush you use in step A will be contaminated with fluoride. You mustn't use a new brush that must be fluoro free for these steps. Instead, use an old brush in step A before switching to new, fluoro-free brushes in step B and beyond.

A. Apply I94 Pro Cleaner over the entire ski with a fiberelene paper. Brush the cleaner well into the sole with a steel brush.

Wait until the ski is dry before cleaning it with the steel brush. You can use a roto brush or a hand brush..

Note: The brush used in this step will be contaminated with fluoro and must not be used later in the cleaning process.

B. Apply our PS10 glider on the ski base using a waxing iron. Let it cool, then scrape and brush it off.

C. Apply our PS6 glider on the ski base using a waxing iron. Let it cool, then scrape and brush it off.

D. Repeat step A, but now with clean brushes.

E. Apply the day's wax if you're skiing today. If storing your skis, apply our Base Protection Liquid or a layer of PS6.

Well done. You've successfully cleaned your skis of fluoro.

Repeat the process

If your skis have been waxed with fluoro-rich products, they can still have traces of fluoro. These fluoro compounds will rise to the surface of the skis. It's crucial to keep using non-fluoro waxes over time to ensure your skis are completely fluoro-free. This is vital for skis used in unique conditions or only occasionally.

If your racing skis have been treated with fluoro waxes, wax, and ski on them with non-fluoro waxes several times before an FIS or IBU race. You risk not being allowed to start if the test machine finds a fluoro concentration above the limit value.

I94 Pro Cleaner is our recommendation for removing fluoros from skis. It is a new product that currently is under production.

Clean your cabin, tools and clothes

Don't forget to clean all your gear for fluoro.

Dispose of outdated fluorinated products.

Get rid of all products that contain fluoro. Be aware, as some age-old cleaners and kick waxes might have fluoros. Dispose of such products in alignment with local regulations.

Clean your waxing cabin, ski bags, and working clothes.

Deploy air blowers and vacuums to cleanse your wax cabin, waxing tables, ski profiles, and bags of minuscule particles. Wiping every surface with our Base Cleaner is imperative. And yes, freshen up those work clothes with a proper round in the washing machine.

Clean and replace your brushes.

We have tested several different cleaning approaches to find the best result. We strongly recommend replacing brushes that have been used with fluoro products with new, clean brushes to guarantee fluoro-free skis.

However, because a substantial amount of fluoros will be transferred from the ski to the brushes in the initial steps of the ski cleaning process.

Clean your scrapers.

Shed wax residues and invigorate every scraper with our Base Cleaner.

This machine checks for fluoros on your skis. Here, we are testing the new tracker in our research lab.

Products you need to get fluorofree