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Chapter 18: Our waxing tables and profiles

Chapter 18: Our waxing tables and profiles

Optimize your waxing setup with our tables and profiles.

To achieve the best waxing results, it's essential to have the right environment, including a stable waxing table.

We offer various tables and profiles suitable for all waxing needs, from our top model T77-3 Professional World Cup Table to more economical alternatives.

An introduction to waxing table and waxing profile

A waxing profile is used for cross-country skis and serves as a stabilizing fixture to secure the ski during waxing.

There are various types of waxing profiles available. Some can be mounted on independent legs, offering flexibility and portability for on-the-go waxing. Other profiles are designed to be attached to a waxing table or a bench, providing a more stable and permanent setup. Additionally, there are profiles specifically designed to slide into our specialized waxing tables for a seamless integration.

We recommend using a waxing table for the most practical and efficient waxing experience. Waxing tables offer the added convenience of space to place tools and waxing irons while working, ensuring everything you need is within easy reach. This setup not only streamlines the waxing process but also provides a more organized and professional waxing environment.

Our waxing tables and profiles