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Chapter 9: Application of PS, HS, and Marathon waxes

Chapter 9: Application of PS, HS, and Marathon waxes

Explore the effective use of PS (Performance Speed), HS (High Speed), and Marathon waxes in ski maintenance. This article provides a concise guide on their application for optimal ski performance.

This is a general description of servicemen's methods and procedures at the top level when applying hard waxes.

Please note: You can also apply glide wax using our waxing machine:

See videos of applications using our waxing irons at the bottom of this article.

How to apply hard waxes

  1. Scrape off the travel wax applied after the last race or training. Use the Plexi scraper (T0823D) and the groove scraper (T0088). It is essential to use a sharp scraper. High pressure with an unsharp scraper can make the structure unsharp.
  2. Brush with the Bronze Medium Coarse Brush (T0162) or Steel Brush (T0179). 5-10 repetitions from tip to tail to remove the remaining wax.
  3. Apply the actual wax for today’s conditions. Use the iron, dripping wax on both sides of the groove.
  4. The wax should easily melt. Check the temperature recommendation on the wax. Keep the iron in steady motion from tip to tail. One pass should take approx. 8-10 sec. On a skating ski. If the wax did not distribute even on the ski base, you can repeat it. Let the ski cool off for 10 minutes or more to reach room temperature.
  5. Don’t forget to remove all excess wax in the groove and on the sides with a scraper (T0087 or T0088). We recommend scraping the groove first to protect the surface if the groove scraper slips and makes scratches.
  6. If it is cold, be sure to use sharp scraper, and maybe also heat the wax once before you scrape. Scraper sharpener.
  7. Brush the base with the Bronze Medium Coarse Brush (T0162) or Steel Brush (T0179). 5-10 strokes in a tip-to-tail direction.
  8. Do the final brushing and polishing with the Blue Nylon Polish Brush (T0160). 10-15 strokes in a tip-to-tail direction.

Application of glide waxes

Application of harder waxes like PS Polar

Products recommended