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Choose cross country ski poles for your needs

Choose cross country ski poles for your needs

We have cross country ski poles for all levels: from beginner to world champion. Here you will find a guide to help you choose the right ones.

Several factors has a role when you go buying a pair of cross country ski poles. Most importantly, be honest with yourself on what's important for you and how and where you plan on using them.

  • Are you going slow and just enjoy nature?
  • Are you going off-piste?
  • Is lightweight an important key factor?

What kind of pole tube should you choose?

First of all, let's get to know the different types of pole tubes. The tube is a ski pole without the handle, strap and basket.


The lightweight poles is made of 100% carbon fibre. These poles are known to be extremely light and stiff. They cannot withstand knocks and hits as well and can brake.

Triac 4.0 is an example of a carbon fibre cross country ski poles. This pole is used by the world's best athletes.

We do have several composite poles that vary in price and properties. The biggest difference is how much carbon the pole contains.


Hiking poles in made of aluminium weigh more than poles made of carbon. The more it weighs, the more it will effect the pendulum effect negatively, but on the other hand aluminium will make the pole more robust and can withstand hits more than carbon does.

We recommend aluminium poles to beginners and recreational skiers.

Triac 4.0 Aero is made of 100% carbon. It's used in the world championship by the world's best athletes.

Handle and straps

We have several fastening mechanisms for ski straps.

The TCS-system

TCS is used on our carbon poles. The TCS-system makes it easy to the change straps on the poles, even when you're strapped in you can change poles.

Triac 4.0 Aero and Quantum Q1 both have the TCS-system. Please notice that these poles and straps are sold separately.

Pro fit 3D strap

The Pro fit 3D system is distinguished by a loop on the top of the pole handle.


It's very common that handles is made of cork, which enhance the comfort and grip when skiing.

Some junior poles have rubber handle, which is more durable than cork.


Baskets also have their own systems, but to put it simple we can categorize them by baskets you can screw onto the pole and the other where you glue it on.


TBS is a basket system which allow you to change basket fairly easy by screwing off the old one, replacing it with another one.

It only takes seconds changing the basket with the TBS-system. The TBS-system is included on our pole models often used in competitions.

Glued baskets

Hiking poles has glued baskets. To change the basket it require bit of a process. You have to heat up the glue on the basket, remove the basket, add some fresh glue before attaching the new basket.

For the athelte

For the ambitious skier

For the recreational skier

For the beginner