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What you should do before putting your skis in storage

What you should do before putting your skis in storage

You never regret doing a spring cleaning. Ta care of your skis when the season is done. The steps are really simple.

You probably recognize it: Winter is waning and it’s time to put your skis in the basement, storage room or garage. But before you end another season on the ski trails, there are two things you should do before stowing away your skis.

  • Remove all the ski wax
  • Apply glide wax to the base

How to remove wax from skis

The last thing you’ve waxed your skis with is probably klister. In our guide on how to apply and remove klister, we wrote about how easy it is. That is the same procedure you’re going to use now:

  • Place Fiberlene (cleaning paper) on the lubrication zone and wet it with Base Cleaner
  • Then peel off the klister and cleaning paper using the scraper provided with the klister pack.
  • Remove a new piece of cleaning paper, moisten it with Base Cleaner and remove all residue in the kick wax zone

The same procedure applies if you have waxed your skis with dry wax. Allow the base to dry before taking to the next step.

How to saturate the base with glide wax

Storage rooms, garages and basements are typical places where skis are stored over the summer. There also typically contain a lot of dust that will end up on the base of your skis. This will in turn produce a dry base, which will be harder to glide on next season. For that reason, we recommend placing a protective layer on the base with glide wax.

Heat a layer of PS6, for example. Set the waxing iron at 145 ℃. Pull the waxing iron over the base for 8–10 seconds and make sure the entire glide zone is covered with the wax.

Avoid scraping and brushing. The skis are now protected and ready for storage. Next winter, simply scrape and brush off this glide wax and your skis are ready to go.

What you need to clean your skis

A bonus tip could be to actually check over your skis while you're at it. Remove the old glide wax from the top of the skis and clean the sides. Then the next season can start in the best possible way.

You never regret a spring cleaning.