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How to get skis and snowboards ready for winter

How to get skis and snowboards ready for winter

Do not wait to prepare your winter gear. Here’s a guide on what you should do to be ready for the first snow.

Here are three steps you should follow to ensure that your equipment is ready for winter.

Remove klister and kick wax from your skis

Are you one of those who put your skis in the shed without removing wax, dirt, or applying storage wax when the season is over? Unfortunately, it gives you more work at this time of year. Here's how you easily remove klister.

  • Lay the fiberlene cleaning paper in the klister
  • Warm in with a waxing iron
  • Scrape off both paper and klister
  • Clean the base with Base Cleaner
  • Wipe with fiberlene paper

Old kick wax is removed by scraping off, applying the base cleaner, and wiping with the fiberlene.

Now the grip zone is ready for today’s kick wax when you finally go skiing again.

Remember to rub the grip zone before applying new wax. You do this by rubbing sandpaper until you feel that the sole becomes rough.

Base prep of the gliding area on your skis

Applying a layer with storage wax is recommended when you put the skis away in the spring. It will save you a lot of time at this time of year because you only need to remove the wax before the ski session.

Here's how to clean the glide area on your skis.

  • Use the Glide Wax Cleaner. This must not be confused with the base cleaner we used to remove klister and kick wax.
  • Clean the skis using the fiberlene and a nylon brush. Make sure to brush the cleaner well into the sole so that you get rid of all dirt and contaminants that have settled from the previous ski trip.
  • Wipe with the fiberlene paper.

How to use fibertex and choose the right gliders

Fibertex gives a fresher sole material that absorbs wax more easily. Use fibertex after having cleaned the glide section on your skis.

  • Polish back and forth over the sole about 20 times
  • Do this with all the grains in the series (coarse, fine, and extra-fine)

You should start by using warming in the PS7 glider. Warm it in three times before scraping it off. Then apply the PS6, which is a harder glider, on top. Heat this once before scraping and brushing off. Now your skis are ready for the first trip

Compact Edger Kit is a valuable tool for everyone skiing

Tuning steel edges on ski and snowboard

The tips you have read about in this article are also valuable for your alpine skis and snowboard. Our recommendation is to go over the steel edges of your skis or snowboard before each season.

We have different tools for tuning the steel edges. Compact Edger Kit is a good choice for the everyday skier. This is a small and simple tool you can put in your pocket and take with you on a trip. The grinder is placed directly on the steel edge, and then it is impossible to make a mistake. It is a helpful tool whether you are randonee skiing, alpine touring, or skiing on slopes.