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Three steps to get more out of your skin skis

Three steps to get more out of your skin skis

Skin skis have lowered the threshold for getting your skis on and getting out on the trails, but they are not completely maintenance-free. Here are three things you should do to get a glide and grip with skin skis.

Skin skis area simple, ingenious way to get out on skis without having to spend hours in the waxing booth first. Even though skin skis are easy to use, the skiing experience is better when the skis are both well-gliding and sit as they should going uphill.

Therefore, we recommend that you follow these three steps to get more out of your skin skis:

Step 1: Impregnate your skin skis

Do you have brand new skin skis or haven't used them for a while? We recommend that you apply Skin Impregnation. This is a simple and easy way to impregnate so that the skis do not attract water from the snow.

How to use Skin Impregnation:

  • Rub onto the skin before the ski trip
  • Let it dry a few minutes
  • Enjoy winter with better skis

Skin Impregnation

We recommend that you use Swix Skin Impregnation when your skis are new, before every season or if you notice the ski skin absorbing water.

Step 2: Skin Boost for better glide

Skin Boost is an entirely new product from Swix that makes skin skis glide better. Applying Skin Boost will also reduce the chance of skins icing up during your ski trip.

How to use Skin Boost on your skin skis:

  • Rub onto the skis before you go skiing
  • Let it dry a few minutes
  • The skis are ready for use

Step 3: Clean the skins after use

The skins will collect grease residue, dirt and contamination from the snow over time. This makes the skin slower, heavier and with less grip.

Skin Cleaner is designed to gently clean your skins. In this way, you will always be able to have "new" skis for every trip.

How to use Skin Cleaner:

  • Spray Skin Cleaner on a fiberlene towel
  • Rub the fiberlene towel back and forth on the skins
  • Let it dry

We recommend using Skin Cleaner after each trip.

Skin Cleaner

Don't forget the liquid glide wax

You have now maintained and prepped the skins, but the rest of the skis also need a boost to give you a better skiing experience.

The glide zone, i.e. in the front and rear of the skis, needs glide waxes according to the current conditions and temperature.

The easiest way is to apply liquid glide wax in the Swix HS line. Liquid glide wax is easy to use while still providing fantastic results.

How to apply HS Liquid Glider:

  • Spray the glide wax on the glide zone of your skis
  • Rub the glide wax into the base with a felt card
  • Let i dry for 15 minutes
  • Now you’re ready to set new ski records