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What to wear when alpine ski touring

What to wear when alpine ski touring

Having the right clothes when alpine ski touring can be the tipping point of being a successful or a horrible day in the mountains. We've gathered our most essential tips before heading out alpine ski touring.

Alpine ski touring is becoming more and more popular. Social media us full of spectacular images with breathtaking views. Regardless if you go alpine ski touring or nordic ski touring the right clothes is essential.

What to bring when alpine ski touring?

It depends on the weather. Keep in mind that weather on the summit is far more colder. Therefore, having some clothes in your backpack is important.

Baselayer first

Use the layering principal. What that means is use several layers of clothes, than one big layer. Start by having a baselayer of wool. That's the first layer.

Our popular RaceX is a natural choice for many, and the RaceX Merino is perfect for alpine ski touring.

A good tip is to bring an extra baselayer in your backpack. It's nice to change to something dry and warm when you reach the summit full of sweat.

Stay warm with RaceX

Use a shell jacket

The last layers should be a shell jacket that withstands wind and water. Our Surmount shell jacket is a all-year-jackets that's perfect for alpine ski touring. It's a lightweight technical jacket with waterproof zippers and ventilation under the arms.

The Surmount collection also have a matching bib pant with zippers all the way up to the thighs, meaning you can regulate the temperature using the zippers.

Shell jacket and pants from Surmount

Midlayer to regulate temperature

Between the shell jacket and the baselayer we recommend having a midlayer. With this midlayer you can regulate the temperature. Meaning, if you're too warm take it off. If you get cold, put the midlayer on.

We have both thick and thin midlayer depending on what you need. You can also use fleece jackets and Primaloft knickers.

Recommended midlayers

Don't forget an extra jacket

It can be a good idea bringing an extra isolating jacket in the backpack, which you can use when reaching the summit and when you cruise downhill back to your car.

We recommend the lightweight Surmount Primaloft, which is perfect as a midlayer and keeps you warm even when wet.

The vest in the Surmount collection is also a good alternative to bring along.

Primaloft from Surmount

Extra hat and gloves

Bring an extra hat and gloves in the backpack. You won't regret it if the it starts to get a bit windy. A couple of thin wool liners is also a good alternative, which you use inside of your main glove.

Keep your head and hands warm

Avoid blisters using the rights pair of socks

Use a pair of good wool socks.

Velg et par gode sokker som du ikke får gnagsår i. Du bør derfor unngå sokker av bomull, og heller velge tekniske sokker eller ullsokker.

Technical socks

Dette får du ikke tak i hos oss, men glem for all del ikke solkrem, sjokolade og noe godt og varmt i en termos. Kos og hygge er halve moroa med topptur.

God tur.