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Surmount Alpine Ski Touring Kit

Surmount Alpine Ski Touring Kit

Price: USD 110

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Unfortunately, this product is currently not available in the market. Please visit your local Swix retailer for more options.

Surmount Alpine Ski Touring Kit includes essential products for a great day up in the mountains. The kit contains: - Liquid spray skin impregnation (SU-N20) - Skin rub-on wax (SU-60) - Liquid glidewax (SU-100) - Pocket edger (TA3001) - Ski strap (R0393) All products are packed in a small, light bag that fits perfectly in your backpack.
  • Ski touring kit with ski gliders, skincare, edge tools and ski straps.
  • 150 ml skin impregnation
  • 60 gram skin rub-on wax
  • Pocket edger works perfectly for both alpine skis and snowboard.
  • 100 ml liquid glidewax
  • Surmount universal skistrap, 500 mm