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Let’s fight for the first gender equal Olympics in history

We are one branch away from the first gender equal Olympic games in history. In June 2022, the International Olympic Committee decided that women will only be able to participate in 15 out of 16 games in the 2026 winter Olympics. Women are denied to participate in Nordic combined, and we cannot accept it.

Together with the skiing community, we fight for justice and equal opportunity in the sport. The goal is to persuade the IOC to include women’s combined skiing in the 2026 Olympic programme.

Join the battle for a gender equal Olympics by signing the petition at – started by passionate people from the Nordic combined community.

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The oldest Olympic game, only for men

Combined skiing has been on the Olympics programme since the very first winter games in 1924, but women have never been allowed to participate. Since 2016, the International Ski Federation has actively tried to make women’s combined skiing part of the Olympic programme, and the competitive scene has grown a lot in the past few years. As such, the women’s participation in Nordic combined in 2026 seemed imminent.

The fact that the Olympic games still isn’t gender equal, is something we, as part of the skiing- and sports community, cannot take lightly. It’s time The International Olympics Committee started to inhabit their Olympic values – where equality is one of them.