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About Swix

Our story began with an unfortunate Swede on bad skis.

In the 1940s, Börje Gabrielsson led Sweden's largest pharmaceutical company, AB Astra. He loved cross-country skiing but was frustrated by skis that lacked grip and glide on varying terrain. Therefore, he called for a scientifically tested ski wax that could handle such challenges.

During 1945 alone, they conducted six thousand equipment experiments on two hundred different substances. They quickly reached a conclusion. It wasn't smart to create a universal wax because conditions and types of snow vary so much. Therefore, they developed what became the first series of wax and klister adapted to different conditions, but no difference was seen between the waxes.

To distinguish them from each other, a color was added to each of the mixtures. This is how our characteristic colors came about.

The wax and the brand name Swix were launched on what is considered our birthday, November 28, 1946.

The high quality of the products led Norwegian elite skiers to choose to use the product, and already during the Olympics two years later, all gold medalists had our ski wax under their skis. Our good reputation spread from the top down, and soon hikers and recreational skiers also used the product. The slogan, "Based on testing and scientific thoroughness," taught the average hiker to "SWIX." The brand became a part of the Norwegian soul.


1974: SWIX acquires Liljedahl

1976: SWIX Sport USA is established

1978: Tiedemanns (Ferd) acquires SWIX Sport from Astra

1986: SWIX Sport relocates all activities to Lillehammer

1988: CERA F is launched

1990: SWIX acquires Nordheim

1996: Swix grows and focuses on its own sports clothing. Sells Sondre, Norheim, and Frank Shorter

1997: Swix Sport Japan is established

2004: Acquires Elite Sport AS - (Ulvang & Bavac)

2005: Swix Sport Germany is established

2008: Opens pole factory in Lithuania

2010: Acquires Toko

2012: Acquires Lundhags

2012: Acquires Original Teamwear AS

2012: Takes over distribution in Sweden

2013: Acquires Pro-Ski

2014: Opens new pole factory in Lithuania and acquires

2015: New experience and logistics center in Lillehammer.

2015: Acquires the bicycle brand Hard Rocx

2017: Opens a store at the Norwegian Outlet center in Vestby

2018: SWIX Sport Group becomes Brav Norway AS