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Dynamic D3 Pole Pink

Dynamic D3 Pole Pink

Price: EUR 80

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Unfortunately, this product is currently not available in the market. Please visit your local Swix retailer for more options.

Dynamic D3 cross country ski pole with a new and fresh color. With its composite material and well-tested components, such as the PCU handle and 97 baskets covering all snow conditions, this pole is the perfect choice for the beginner and the recreational skier. It's developed as a touring pole. The PCU handle with the new Profit 3D straps assures good power transmission. Stiffness: 48mm Strength: Unbreakable Shaft weight: 99 gr/m Total weight 155 cm pole: 212 grams
  • Well-tested components
  • PCU handle
  • Made for touring
  • Includes 97 baskets, which covers all snow conditions
  • Profit 3D Strap which is comfortable to wear