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Why you should have your own pair of roller ski poles

Why you should have your own pair of roller ski poles

We recommend having special ski poles for roller skiing. Here’s why and everything you need to know about our roller ski poles.

You’ve probably done the same thing yourself; bought your own poles and turned cross-country ski poles into roller ski poles at the first sign of spring. Tthere's nothing wrong with using your cross-country ski poles all year round. So why do we make our own roller ski poles?

Why you should poles specifically for roller skiing

Roller ski poles are based on the same technology used in cross-country ski poles, but have some special features that ordinary cross-country ski poles don't have. Roller ski poles are designed to withstand more hits and impact. Also, roller ski poles soften every stroke you make on the asphalt. Roller ski poles are therefore gentler and take better care of your body.

Mårten Soleng Skinsta, Swix-ambassador, and does a lot of roller skiing in the spring and summer. In recent months he has been testing our new roller ski poles Roadline 1.

My initial impression is very good.” Roadline 1 is simply a good, solid roller ski pole. I’ve tested it over 200 km, doing both skating and classic. Stiffness and pendulum have been really impressive.

Mårten Soleng Skinstad

It's a well-known fact that stiff, lightweight carbon poles are known to quickly break when skiing. Manhole covers, cracks in asphalt and uneven terrain put the poles to the test. Roadline is designed to cope with these conditions, so the poles can withstand more use, which ultimately extends their lifespan.

- You also get a sense that they are gentler on the body. This is particularly noticeable in the elbows and shoulders, which is much appreciated when you transition from snow to asphalt,” says Skinstad.

Which roller ski pole should you choose?

We currently sell three different variants of the Roadline range. But what is the difference between them all?

- What sets the models apart is essentially weight, stiffness and how robust the poles are, says Øyvar Svendsen Product Development Manager on poles.

Roadline 1 - Racing model

For the ultimate pendulum and lightest version, go for Roadline 1. This is also the pole with the highest stiffness.

Roadline 1 is made from 100% carbon composite and is a super racing ski pole that has both a TBS basket system and handles for the Triac strap. Notice that straps and competion ferrule is sold separately.

Roadline 2 - The best choice for most people

For the ordinary person who wants roller ski poles, we recommend Roadline 2. Here you get the best of both worlds.

Roadline 2 is light, rigid and highly resistant. It's built with a mixture of carbon and fiberglass. In addition, Roadline 2 come with our TBS system, which makes it easy to change ferrules. Notice that competition ferrules are sold separately.

Roadline 3 - The robust choice

Roadline 3 is a good roller ski pole for beginners or those who want poles that can withstand 'rough usage'. Here, there is an excess of fiberglass in the material, which makes the ski pole super robust, but also somewhat heavier than the other two models.

If you’re going to try roller skis for the first time and don't care much about weight and pendulum, then go for Roadline 3.