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Since 1946, we have been a leading player in an industry where products serve their purpose in nature. This entails a great deal of responsibility when it comes to ensuring good working conditions and sustainable development of products and processes.

That is why we work every single day to ensure sustainable operations.

We have come a long way, but we still have a long way to go.

Research and innovation

– for a fluoro-free and more sustainable future.

Research and innovation are in our DNA, and since 2013 we have played a leading role in research projects with the goal of phasing out PFAS throughout our industry.

We have now removed fluoro from all ski wax we produce and have a goal of removing all use of fluorocarbons in our clothes by 2025. Our textiles must remain wind and waterproof resistant without being a detriment to the planet.

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Repair and maintenance

Through timeless design, the use of good materials and sharing tips on how to best take care of your equipment, we make it possible for our products to have as long a life as possible. In addition, we have opened a separate Repair Center located in Lørenskog, where you can quickly and easily send in clothes for repair.

Factories and production

30% of the factories that produce our products are located in Europe and Norway. 70% are located in Asia, where 40% of these are in China. Through our membership with Ethical Trade Norway, since 2005 we have collected and reported information about our suppliers, and our suppliers are under continuous risk assessment to ensure that good working conditions and human rights are safeguarded.

How we work with social responsibility