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Chapter 11: "The ultimate guide to our Pro series

Chapter 11: "The ultimate guide to our Pro series

The Pro system is a range of waxes for different snow conditions. With specific products for various snow conditions and temperatures, this innovative system includes powders, liquids, and hard waxes, each designed for optimal performance and ease of application.

Pro by Swix is our performance glide wax system that is 100% fluoro-free, biodegradable, and non-toxic. The Pro system is divided into levels of performance called Performance Speed, High Speed, and Top Speed. Each level has its performance standards, whether you are a professional skier chasing seconds or a recreational skier chasing a dream.

Application methods

The Pro system consists of product lines targeting different application methods. During numerous tests, the application method has proved to be of significant importance for the performance. Hence, during the development of the products, a lot of testing has been performed to find the best application method to get the best out of the products. Roto wool and roto filt are examples of application methods. You'll learn how to do it in this article.

TSP (Top Speed Powder)

Due to their extreme hardness, TSP gliders only come in powder form to make application easier. TSP gliders are very durable, and the various products cover all conditions, from fine dry snow to coarse wet snow. The hardness also makes them highly resistant to attracting particles from dirty snow, such as air pollution, klister and wax residues.


TSL (Top Speed Liquid)

TSL is a liquid glider that works well on its own but is superb as a topping. TSL contains sub-micron particles that penetrate into the microstructure of the base. It performs best on transformed or moist snow. We recommend spraying it onto a felt cork and evenly distributing it over the ski base. After drying the products need roto fleecing. End the application by polishing with a nylon brush for the best results.


TST (Top Speed Turbo)

TST is a new racing wax line developed especially for roto wool application. Roto-wool waxing has received increased attention due to its excellent performance, especially in fine and new snow conditions. We experience that TST gives a unique "feeling" on the skis, especially when skating, allowing for fast acceleration. TST offers a unique combination of water repellency, dirt repellency, durability, and exceptional hardness. This combination makes TST the fastest and most advanced next-generation Swix racing wax.

TST contains all degradable materials and two new components that improve durability. We look forward to offering these innovations to the best wax teams in the world. When the snow is fine-grained, applying TS Turbo waxes with roto wool alone or on top of other products can improve glide and boost the “feeling” and slip of the skis.


PS/HS (Performance Speed/High Speed Glider):

Training glider or competition wax for shorter distances or younger athletes. HS Glider is a biodegradable raw material that improves glide in humid snow compared to pure hydrocarbon wax. PS is often used in base prep, even on the highest level in the World Cup.

Apply HS and PS with an iron.

PS and HS

PS/HS (Performance Speed/High Speed Glider):

Training glider or competition wax for shorter distances or younger athletes. The HS glider contains a biodegradable raw material that improves glide in humid snow compared to pure hydrocarbon wax.

The PS glider is often used as a base wax at the highest level in the World Cup.


HSL (High Speed Liquid)

It is an easy-to-use liquid glider that fits perfectly for training or as a competition wax for shorter distances or younger athletes. HS liquid is 100% dissolved and penetrates the base structure, leaving a thin film with high friction-reducing and water-repellent properties. It can be applied on the spot and skied on right away, or roto fleeced like TSL for better durability.

HS liquid

PSL (Performance Speed Liquid)

100% Hydrocarbon wax suspension that can be applied without requiring any tools but a piece of fiber line or a felt cork. The wax should be brushed and polished after drying to give a durable wax coating for training or competition for young athletes.


The products in the PRO system can be used alone or in combination with other products. From our experience it’s not always an advantage to use a layer-by-layer system and a single product can often give the best results. However, testing is in the end the only way to get a clear answer.

Expert advice

For long-distance races, we recommend applying a hard glider base to improve durability. DHP White Marathon powder is a great glider that works in a broad range of temperatures and snow conditions. It can be used alone or topped with TS-Powder, Turbo, or Liquid for best performance.

Remember that applying a manual structure to the ski base almost always improves glide. Manual structuring should be done after applying glider/base layer and powder, but before applying liquid topping products.

The table below provides a guide showing when the the product lines in snow and meteorological conditions for the different product lines.