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Jessie Diggins

Jessie Diggins

Get to Know Swix Ambassador Jessie Diggins.

Jessie Diggins was the world’s best skier in the 2023/24 season. Now, the American has set her sights on the World Championships in Trondheim.

Glitter, smiles, and victory dances. Jessie Diggins is a ski star with a capital S. The American has become a good all-rounder who has repeatedly shown that she is a force to be reckoned with on big occasions. Jessie has won Olympic and World Championship golds, and she has won the Tour de Ski and the World Cup overall.

Get to know Jessie Diggins

– Hey Jessie, first off, congratulations on your overall World Cup win last season. What have you been up to since the season ended?

– I had an amazing honeymoon hiking in Patagonia with my husband! We went to Torres del Paine and absolutely loved it. I also had some nice rest time at home and spent a lot of time gardening! Now I'm back in training mode and at our team training camp on snow in Bend, Oregon.

– What will starting the pre-season and preparing for next season be like?

– It was really important for me to have a rest and let my body recharge and absorb such a big season, so now that I'm back training I'm full of energy again and excited for all the time with my teammates working to get better! I'm doing a lot of training with my club team, SMST2 in Stratton Vermont, and our national team camps as well.

– What's your go-to workout in May and June? Is there something specific you enjoy doing this time of year?

– I love long trail runs! I think skiing is such a fun sport to train for because you can roller ski, run, bike, lift weights, swim…so many options! But I really love long slow runs in the mountains with my team.

– The World Championship is coming up this winter. What are your goals and expectations?

– I expect a crazy crowd, that's for sure! I'm very excited, and have many races in the schedule that I'm looking forward to. But as far as expectations, I don't place results goals on my shoulders…I just expect myself to race with my whole heart, be smart and work hard in preparation, and then leave everything I have on the race course. And when I do that, I earn the right to be proud of my efforts.

– Do you have any summer shout-outs for the Jessie Diggins and Swix fans following along?

– Yes, please see the video. (You can see the video greeting from Jessie in the Instagram post below).

Jessie Diggins competes with Triac 4.0 Aero