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Surmount Skin Wax Rub-on 60g

Surmount Skin Wax Rub-on 60g

Price: EUR 15

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Unfortunately, this product is currently not available in the market. Please visit your local Swix retailer for more options.

Surmount Skin Rub-on Wax is an easy to use wax to improve the performance of your climbing skins. Developed to enhance skin glide in soft snow conditions, and to reduce the uptake of dirt from the snow. Rub the wax well into the skins in a two-directional motion. This to get the wax into the skins. After application the skins are ready to go. When the conditions is very wet we recommend to apply Surmount Skin Impregnation (SU-N20) onto the skins before applying the Surmount Skin Rub-on Wax.
  • Easy to bring in your pocket or backpack
  • Improves skin glide
  • Reduces dirt uptake
  • Improves water repellency
  • Apply in a two-directional motion
  • In very wet conditions, remember to combine it with Surmount Skin Impregnation