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F4 Glidewax Aerosol 150ml

F4 Glidewax Aerosol 150ml

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Unfortunately, this product is currently not available in the market. Please visit your local Swix retailer for more options.

F4 Glidewax Aerosol 150ml is a versatile glidewax, making you perfectly prepared just before you hit the slopes. It has a sponge foam applicator for wax application. Apply a thin layer over the base. Let it dry for approximately 5 minutes. Finish by polishing with Fiberlene T151 or Nylon Brush T166B. When you're done with the season apply F4 on the metal edges before storing your skis or snowboard. This prevents the steel edges from rusting while storing.
  • Universal wax for all temperature ranges
  • Developed for alpine skiing
  • Prevents rust on steel edges
  • Easy application
  • Fluoro-free