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Why wearing a mask when waxing matters

Why wearing a mask when waxing matters

It doesn't matter if you wax your skis often or rarely: Always wear a mask when working in the waxing cabin.

The waxing mask is a low-cost investment in your own health when you wax skis. We recommend that you always use a mask when waxing skis, especially when working with heat or brushes.

Yes, we have removed harmful fluor from all ski wax, but when using heath or brushes you will get both smore and small particles you should avoid inhaling.

This can easily be avoided by using a mask. The masks comes with a filter. The filter is replaceable and should be changed every year.

We sell three different masks. The difference between these masks are price and pro level.

Waxing mask for beginners

The T42 Economy Mask covers the nose and mouth when prepping skis. It includes two filters that should be combined for best protection. The mask uses the filter T42-2F, which is replaceable and can be bought separately.

Waxing mask for those who prep a lot of skis

The T43 Racing Mask is the next step on the price ladder. This waxing mask gives you full face protection. It also protects your eyes when you prepare skis. This waxing mask uses the replacement filter T42-2F, which you can buy separately.

Professional Waxing Mask

T41 Pro Mask with fan is a waxing mask for professional ski waxers. Here you get full face protection and professional respiratory protection that provides full protection against fumes and dust when standing for a full day in the waxing cabin. This waxing mask uses gas filter T41-2F and particle filter that you can buy seperately.