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Chapter 13: TSP and Marathon powder application tips

Chapter 13: TSP and Marathon powder application tips

Discover the expert techniques for applying TSP and Marathon powder in glide-waxing, a method used by top-level service professionals. Learn how to evenly distribute the wax, effectively use the iron, and achieve the perfect finish with brushing and polishing for optimal ski performance.

When preparing skis for long-distance races, using powder waxes like TSP and Marathon offers exceptional durability and ease of application.

This is a general guide for top-level servicemen on how to apply powders such as TSP or Marathon.

How to apply TSP or marathon powder

  1. Distribute the wax even on the base. A 40g container will be enough for approximately 4-5 pairs of cross-country skis. Be aware not to use too little wax there is a high risk of overheating the ski base.
  2. To ensure effective waxing of skis, it is important to get the wax underneath the iron and not push it forward in front of the iron. This is especially important when working with hard melting waxes. We recommend stamping the wax with the iron to ensure it stays in place during the next step of the ironing process.
    Learn the stamping technique described above:
  3. Please check the temperature recommendation mentioned on the wax. A single pass should take approximately 8-10 seconds on a skating ski. If the wax is not distributed evenly on the ski base, you can repeat the process one more time after a few seconds. After applying the wax, please allow the ski to cool off for at least 10 minutes or more until it reaches room temperature.
    Pro tip: Sometimes at racing, higher temperatures are used, but we don't recommend turning up the heat unless you're an experienced serviceman. It is crucial to apply enough wax and quickly move the iron in one direction. The iron should be kept in steady motion from tip to tail.
  4. Scrape the groove before the base to avoid scratches. Remove excess wax from the groove and sides with a scraper.
  5. After allowing the ski to cool off, continue scraping the ski using a sharp Plexi scraper (T0823D/T0824D/T0825D). It is critical to use a sharp scraper because high pressure with an unsharp scraper can result in an unsharp structure.
  6. Brush the base with the Bronze Medium Coarse Brush (T0162) or Steel Brush (T0179) using 5-10 strokes in a tip-to-tail direction.
  7. Use the Blue Nylon Polish Brush (T0160) to brush and polish for 5-10 strokes.