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Chapter 12: Brushes for all levels of ski waxing

Chapter 12: Brushes for all levels of ski waxing

We offer a comprehensive range of hand and roto brushes for all kinds of waxes.

Using a roto brush is a great way to save time in the waxing cabin. A roto brush is almost a necessity for club team racers where coaches and parents are preparing the skis for the entire team. We recommend using a drill with RPM 1500 or more.

Our ski wax program is subject to continuous development based on feedback from our Racing Service, which serves World Cup technicians, athletes, and teams throughout each season. As a result, we are confident that we offer the highest quality brushes on the market.

We carefully choose our brushes for their unique qualities, selecting the right material, fiber length, thickness, stiffness, and bristle density. This ensures each brush serves a specific purpose and performs optimally.

We have two types of brushes: Hand brushes and rotary brushes. Each category is again divided into two use categories, plus the economy line.

Understanding the importance of pre-wax brushing

Brushing the ski base before waxing is crucial to achieving the best possible results. This process effectively cleans the base, removing old wax and dirt accumulated from the snow and making it more receptive for the wax to penetrate the base. Brushes with steel or bronze bristles ensure a thorough clean that makes the base more receptive to wax, ultimately enhancing your ski's performance.

Perfecting your skis with post-wax brushing

While pre-wax brushing sets the stage, post-wax brushing truly brings out the best in your skis. Start by removing excess wax with a sharp plexi scraper. A sharp scraper requires less force and helps preserve the integrity of your ski's base structure. Following this, a steel or bronze brush effectively removes residual wax. Finally, conclude with a nylon brush to achieve that perfect polish.

Remember to always use sharp plexi scrapers before brushing.

A complete brush set includes:

  • A fine steel brush for cleaning and preparing the base before waxing. (T0191B)
  • A medium coarse steel or bronze brush for use after waxing and scraping. (T0179 or T0162)
  • A nylon brush for the final polish. (T0160 or T0190)

Brushes to use after waxing and scraping

T0179 Steel Brush

A medium coarse steel or bronze brush to use after waxing and scraping. 10-12 strokes. You can also use our T0162 Bronze Brush for this step.

T0160 Blue Fine Nylon Brush

A fine nylon brush for polishing. 5-10 strokes.

T0191B Ultra Fine Steel Brush

This ultra-fine steel brush is versatile and essential for any ski waxer's kit. When you have fine-grinded skis in cold conditions, you should use it as a second brush after the steel brush.

When using the roto wool application, you should always do a few strokes with this brush first.

The fine steel brush is the best option for deep cleaning the base in combination with our glide-wax cleaners. Note: You should always have a dedicated brush used only for cleaning.

T0190 Fine red nylon

A brush specially made for polishing liquid waxes. The soft and fine bristles penetrate the structure and make a smooth and glossy surface. It can be used as a final step of polishing for all types of wax.

Roto brushes for all needs

From the 23/24 season, we offer horsehair, nylon, steel, and fleece roto brushes in 70mm width, optimized for XC skis. This makes mixing and matching your favorite brushes on your rotoshaft easy. In addition, it helps reduce waste because it makes it easy to replace one single worn out brush.

The 100mm brushes will still be available, as they are preferred on alpine skis and snowboards.

T0016M-XC Horsehair 70mm, T0016M Horsehair 100mm

It is used as a second brush after steel when brushing glide wax.

Pro tip: When you are applying soft waxes for warmer conditions, it's beneficial to do one stroke back and forth with the horsehair brush before steel brushing to prevent clogging of soft wax in the steel brush.

T0017W-XC Nylon 70mm, T0017W Blue Nylon 100mm

It is a polishing brush, primarily for liquids. Can also be used for the final polishing of all waxes for an extra boost. A must-have for all ski waxers.

T0018F-XC Fleece 70mm, T0018F-2 Fleece 100mm

The roto fleece improves the glide and durability of Swix liquid glide waxes. After applying the PS, HS, or TS liquid waxes, let the liquid dry for at least 15 minutes. Then use the roto fleece to work the product into the base and finish with the nylon brush for polishing. We recommend using separate fleece brushes for each gliding product.

T0019S-XC Steel 70mm, T0019S Steel 100mm

The first choice for pro waxers as a first brush after scraping the wax. Fine wire steel that goes deep in the structure and is the most effective way to brush the wax out of the base patterns. This brush is also a first choice for cleaning the base before waxing.
When roto brushing we recommend the combination of steel and horsehair.

T0018W, World Cup Merino Wool

A glide wax that doesn't require the use of a waxing iron. The method using roto wool is especially suited to TS Turbo and Marathon waxes. The wool brush is also a great alternative for the final polishing of all waxes and gives you a really shiny and smooth base.

The wool is 100mm wide. This version has longer hair and is more fluffy than the economy version. The wool can hold more wax, improving the product's adhesion to the base.

T0018W-100/ T0018W-140, Economy Merino Wool

This Roto Wool is available in two different widths: 100mm and 140mm. It is the economy version of the World Cup wool, which can hold more wax. Although it is different from the World Cup wool, it serves the same purpose.

Many people wonder if they need different types of wool for various products. The answer is that it depends on the intended use:

  • If you're waxing for a competition where all the margins count, we recommend using one dedicated wool for each product.
  • For training or competitions at a lower level, you can use the same wool for all products.

For the best cleaning of a wool brush, vacuum while spinning the brush in both directions at high speed.

Our new 700mm brushes mean you can mix and match roto brushes for your needs. Here are some of our favorite combinations: On a 140mm shaft: • Steel (T0019S-XC) + Horsehair (T0016M-XC): The first choice you need when doing hot waxing. • Fleece (T0018F-XC) + Nylon (T0017W-XC): The best combination for liquid waxes. • Steel (T0019S-XC) + Nylon (T0017W-XC): An option for getting a more shiny base after hot waxing. On a 210mm shaft: Steel (T0019S-XC) + Horsehair (T0016M-XC) + Nylon (T0017W-XC)

Roto handle and shafts

Spare shafts:

T0014SS, driveshaft, 100mm
T0014SM, driveshaft, 140mm
T0014SL, driveshaft, 210mm. For two 100mm brushes or three 70mm brushes.

Pro tip when roto wooling

  • Always use safety glasses when roto-brushing.
  • Use the Protective Cover (T0012PS) to avoid getting wax particles in the face.
  • Don’t press too hard, let the brush do the work!
  • Brush from tip to tail with the brush rotation throwing the wax particles towards the tail.