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Alpine poles

Alpine poles

What length do I need? Here you can find our recommended alpine pole sizes.

The recommended length of alpine poles can be found by standing straight up and down. Your arms should be down your sides. Raise your forearm so that the angle in your elbow is 90°. Then measure the distance from the floor to your hand. This distance is the length you should have on your alpine poles.

You can also find the recommended length in the table below.

If you are between two lengths, we recommend that you take the shortest option.

Recommended alpine pole lengths

Body length without alpine boots (cm)Alpine pole length (mm)
150,000900 - 1000
155,001000 - 1050
160,001050 - 1100
165,001100 - 1150
170,001150 - 1200
175,001200 - 1250
180,001250 - 1300
185,001300 - 1350