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Going alpine ski touring? Remember the right gear

Going alpine ski touring? Remember the right gear

The right gear and maintenance will make your alpine ski touring trip even better. Here's some simple steps you can follow.

Your alpine ski touring gear needs to right maintenance. Did you know you can clean and impregnate your skins, and wax your skis?

Choose the right poles

You need your poles to reach the summit. Alpine ski touring poles should be light, solid and adjustable. Adjustable means being able to adjust the pole length. Our alpine ski touring poles is named Sonic, and comes in different models.

If you worry about weight, choose carbon.

Clean and impregnate your skins

You want to avoid snow, ice and dirt getting into your skins. If it does the skin will have a lower performance. Luckily there are simple steps to follow to avoid it.

Skin Cleaner is made to clean your skins. You should apply Skin Cleaner every time you have used your skins. Follow these simple steps:

  • Spray on N16 Skin Cleaner on a cloth or fiberlene and rub it on the skin
  • Let it dry in room temperature for 15 minutes

Skin Impregnation is made to impregnate your skins. This will prevent water being soaked into the skins, making it icy and dirty. You should apply Skin Impregnation before each trip.

  • Spray Skin Impregnation on a cloth or fiberlene and rub it in the skin
  • Let it dry in room temperature for 15 minutes

Skin Boost is the third product in the Skin-series. Apply Skin Boost before each trip to enhance the glide and the friction towards the snows.

Skin products

How to enhance the glide

You have reached the summit, removing the skins from your skis and are ready for the trip down from the mountain. Many consider this the fun part of the trip, and it's more fun if you have good glide.

To enhance the glide use glide wax.

Luckily, it's fairly simple enhancing the glide on your skis. We offer liquid gliders which can be applied right before you go down. For the best result we recommend adding hard wax. Which needs to be done before you go skiing.

Enhance your glide

Prep your egdes

Those of you who have been in the mountains skiing before probably experienced being in a steep hill, leaning using the steel edges, but you're sliding. It's not a nice feeling. The reason for you sliding is most likely your steel edges.

We recommend you sharpen the steel edges before each trip.

We offer different kind of files to sharpen the steel edges on your skis. For normal use, we recommend the Compact Edger Kit. A small and easy to use tool you can put in your pocket and bring on your trips. The file is put directly on the steel edge, and it's impossible hurting the ski.

Sharpen your edges

Ski, boots and avalanche rescue kit

Ski, boots and avalanche rescue kit is a big investment. It's pricy. Why not rent or borrow from a friend to check if alpine ski touring is your thing before buying all the gear?

When you finally get your own gear, make sure to maintain it. It will increase how long it lasts, and most importantly you will enjoy you alpine ski touring trips even more.

Enjoy. Be safe. God tur.